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3PL companies – The 3 types you will find

3PL companies for different clients

Let’s go over the different types of 3PL companies that you will find on your journey.

3PL companies

The Extra Space 3PL – “We have some extra space in the warehouse. We should get someone else’s things in here”. Simply put they are focused on their own company first as opposed to their clients within the warehouse. This may be cost effective on slow moving and bulky items, yet the speed may not be responsive. 

The Large 3PL – “Our Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) are 100 orders per week, you must be met this or be charged according.” This tends to suits very established brands with high volume sales, regardless of sessional changes. Most pricing looks impressive on first glance yet additional charges need to be assessed. These large 3PL have a large number of clients and responsiveness is generally OK. Things outside the normal scope generally aren’t catered for.

Custom 3PL – “We are open to seeing how we can work together, tell us about your business and expectations”. Here, generally each client is catered for in different ways. Responsiveness is paramount with a good level of TLC for picking and packing. Requests outside the scope for special wrapping, kitting products together, boxing items for sale, etc,… can be catered for if need be. The power of flexibility may be important for the client and catered for as their business grows.

Here at Lucas Arthur 3PL we are a Custom 3PL, if you think you need to team up then reach out to us here and let’s see how we may be able to help you. 


The right fit with the right 3PL can help make your business partnership smoother and add a great advantage to your business. Communication is paramount in all cases.