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How we started the business – ORGANICALLY growing from assessment of the business.  

Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd was conceived when our founder, Jason Ramage, identified a gap in the market whilst executing his corporate duties. This gap was evident to us through past experience and barriers to market entry that kept presenting themselves as Jason tried to assist enterprises through their growth pains. 

His previous roles were working closely with SME (Small Medium Enterprises) in a few varying fields for blue chip organisations across telecommunications, finance, FMCG and a few others. With a philosophy focussing on customer’s needs, both his own and their end users, combined with forming a partnership, it was clear that a key issue that kept appearing was Logistics and the ability to fulfill efficiently. 

After years working with many clients in many fields, Jason was approached to fill this gap for a few of his existing clients. After a few months combined with suitable timing, Lucas Arthur Pty Ltd (AKA Harry Luke Logistics) in the form of a boutique 3PL was developed to offer this service. 

What was the service created?  

Taking a very top-level view, the service intended to be offered was a warehousing and fulfilment service for both eCommerce and wholesale businesses. Many that wanted to work on their business and not invest time nor capital overheads in setting up their own warehousing solutions. The strategy was to remove the variables such as leases, staffing and technology along with other incidentals of running your own warehouse. Allowing fulfilment costs to be only incurred as sales (revenue) was achieved, providing an additional level of comfort with money used to pay for fulfilment coming from business activity as opposed to cash reserves. 

What was the differentiator to existing offers? Basically, after spending much of his time working closely and collaboratively with his clients it became evident to each involved that other offerings rarely ever offered the same level of true partnering that many SME’s or start-ups were seeking. Relinquishing one’s ‘baby’ or emerging business was a difficult task, when no flexibility was being offered within most existing 3pl or 4pl providers. 

After many discussions leading up to the creation of the business, it became clear that many services promised a partnership and yet many (if not all) really pushed back on the client and took a dominant stance in what was required from the client before they could work together. This also carried through when the client was on board as well, with little flexibility being offered to ensure the 3PL could adapt to unforeseen variables that inevitably present themselves when growing one’s business. 

Jasons strength in all his roles was the ability to adapt, to plan and to expand with his clients as their demands increased. Even down to the bare necessities such as communication and the willingness to take calls and to be timely in responses. This being another major pain point for most offerings. 

At this point and after assessing the ability to fill the gaps outlined above, the company was created with an objective to service a very limited client base to ensure we could react to growth and adhoc requests were maintained. Being flexible rating high amongst inbound client demands.  

Overall, the business was created to work closely with people requiring a reliable and flexible fulfilment service that will care for their client’s products as if they were their own. A philosophy that is still at the forefront of Lucas Arthurs credo and has only strengthened our relationships with our clients since our inception.