3PL Pricing

<150 Picks Week >150 Picks Week
Admin Fee Per Week $20.00 $20.00
InBound Cons $6.00ea $5.00ea
InBound Put Aways $2.00ea $1.75ea
OutBound Cons $6.00ea $5.00ea
OutBound Picks $2.00ea $1.75ea
Storage 1x1x1mtr $6.00ea $5.00ea


Above is an overview so you can work on some numbers and understand a little more about the charging process.

Most importantly, is the period of billing is always weekly, there is no minimum, although the ore you send the cheaper if becomes per item. Overall, there are some additional fees (such as pricing is Ex GST) that are not in here and are based upon a tailored offering for our clients. Some of the fees omitted include:
– Labour – if you hire us for a timely task – eg: stock takes
– Packaging costs – use of boxes/tape/ etc IF required
– Freight Charges – we always seek the most effective, both cost and reliability

We have done our best to give you an insight, although if you have any queries please do not hesitate in getting in touch with us to discuss more thoroughly.

Clients Average Weekly

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One of the biggest hurdles for Micro businesses trying to evaluate the benefits of 3PL is how most companies 'hide' their costs.. Use the TABLE to establish your approximate costs.
Having trouble finding approximate prices for 3PL?

It's something we have noticed as well 🙂 - as such, please find our overview of pricing for our clients.. It should help you put together your budget and to ensure 3PL is a service that would be suitable for you to pursue. 

Don't be afraid to contact us, we work closely with many small businesses over a 6-12 month period BEFORE they even require our services. We love working closely with our clients, helping them get establish and more importantly to watch them grow. We feel like we are a part of your family, so we treat our clients growth as ours.